When Should Dog Training Begin

Training is a very big part of any day when you’re dealing with a puppy but the ultimate decision that you have to decide is when the best time to train your dog is going to be.  If you are trying to decide the best time to train your dog well the honest reason is you never stop training your dog.  No matter how older dog gets they’re still going to be learning the information that you give them so no matter how much you think you have trained your dog there’s always room for improvement.  When you’re trying to teacher dog the basic commands or to get them to understand exactly what you’re saying the best time to start any type of training is as a puppy.  Here are some helpful tips that can help you get your point across to your puppy to make sure that they actually understand exactly what you’re saying so they learned the command that you’re trying to teach them.

Repeat repeat repeat is always the best concept when it comes to trying to teach your puppy.  Always repeat everything that you say to your puppy in a clear and stern voice so they know exactly what you’re trying to say and what they should do.  By giving them this command with a stern voice they will be able to do this command repeatedly without any problems.  To not over correct your voice otherwise your puppy might think that you are actually yelling at them and they’re not going to be able to listen because they’re going to be hiding in fear.  You need to get a tone of voice that is clear so they can understand you but not so strict that they are afraid of what you might do.  This is the only thing that you have to worry about when you are trying to train your puppy so that your voice is not to strict for them.

Another thing that you need to do when you’re training your puppy is to make sure that you have small treats that you can give them if they do something right.  You want to keep the treats small because you do not want to fill up their stomach otherwise they’re going to think of something else and actually lay down when you’re trying to teach them something.  Treat should be as small as a pea this way they get a taste of what you’re trying to give them when they have done something right but yet not filling up their stomach to the point they do not want to learn anything else.

You also want to start training them in intervals of 15 minutes or less.  This is been a proven statistic otherwise as a puppy they might end up losing interest fairly quickly if used try to teach them everything all at once.  Also this and will confuse the puppy that you’re trying to train because is trying to learn so many commands.  With 15 minute intervals you’ll be able to teach one command to your dog and get them to understand before you move on to the next.

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