Originally from Hungary and bred as a both a pointer and retriever, this dog is listed in the sporting group but excels as a loving family pet, with energy.

His average weight will be between 35-70 pounds and he will stand 20-25inches at the shoulders. The Vizsla is a stunning dog that is agile and versatile.

The Vizsla is a happy dog, full of energy and full of fun. The breed is highly affectionate, loves to be part of the family, and wants nothing more than to be loved. The Vizsla excels in dog sports and activities, adores water sports, hiking, and simply being with his family. At the end of a long day of fun, his sole purpose in life is to sleep by your side, content to cuddle with his humans.

The Vizsla is a stunning dog, rust in color and with piercing eyes and an adoring, soft puppy face. The coat is very short, and extremely easy to care for. Shedding for the breed is minimal. The average lifespan is between 9-14 years.


Affectionate, Gentle, Energetic, Loyal, Quiet


Gun Dog, AKC Sporting


ACA = American Canine Association Inc.
ACR = American Canine Registry
AKC = American Kennel Club
ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
APRI = American Pet Registry, Inc.
CKC = Canadian Kennel Club
CKC = Continental Kennel Club
DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
FCI = Fédération Cynologique Internationale
KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
NAPR = North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
NKC = National Kennel Club
NZKC = New Zealand Kennel Club
UKC = United Kennel Club


Golden Rust
Red Golden

Vizsla Pictures

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