The Right Environment for Your Dog

When you’re thing about getting a dog you have to choose the specific breed that you’re going to want because of your environment and the environment that you’re bringing your dog to.  In order to make the right decision you have to consider your environment because certain breeds are going to want to be an wide open areas so they have a chance to run and frolic where other dog breeds are going to want to be held constantly and never leave the side of your person.  Either way it is going to be up to the environment that you have in order to choose a right dog for you and your family but here are some tips that will give few the advice that you need to choose the right dog for you and your family and for the environment that you can provide.

Small breed dogs tend to have a legacy of being a lap dog.  This means that they do not need a lot of room to play around so they will do well in apartments that allow pets.  Taking your pet to an apartment usually means that you’re caring these dogs around pretty much all of the time.  The time that they get their exercise is when you’re sitting down watching TV and they will jump up on the couch or around you to get your attention.  This is why small breed dogs are well known for being a major lapdog that you can carry around everywhere you go and do well in cramped areas such as apartments or small buildings.

Medium breed dogs such as a labrador is one of those types of dogs that need large areas to run because they have a tendency of creating their own exercise regimen by running around outside.  You need the environment that has plenty of space for them to wear out their energy so they’re not running up and down the house in the halls trampling everybody or running small children over.  The is types of dogs are very energetic and will show how much energy they have when you start playing with them because they tend to not quit.  You can run these dogs until you cannot run the more and they are still willing to go this is why you need a large area for them to play and.

When it comes to the large breed dogs you want to make sure that you have plenty of acreage for them to run and play on because they are normally work dogs and tend to do well in large areas and the job.  Cattle ranching and sheep herding a very important jobs that these large breed dogs have a tendency of calling home.  You need to make sure that you have plenty of space for them to lay down and give them a job so they can feel more part of the family when it comes to a large breed dog.


Take this into consideration next time you’re looking to get a dog so that you not have to change environment that you’re already in.


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