Ori Pei

Height: 12-15 in.

Weight: 15-30 lbs

Color: Solid, Brindle, Merle, Bi & Tri-color: Black, brown, cream, silver, red, sable, lilac, apricot, blue

Origin: United States

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate, alert, loyal, friendly, playful

Original Use: Companionship

The Ori Pei is a unique designer crossbreed that came around in the 70s. Their parent breeds are the Pug and the Chinese Shar Pei. This breed is also referred to at the Pugpei, Sharpug, and Pug-a-Pei. Ori Peis are suitable for all types of families, and their favorite game to play is “catch me if you can” which involves stealing an article of their owner’s clothing and then running away.

Despite their small-medium size, Ori Peis make great watch dogs, which is thanks to the Shar Pei parent’s alertness and loud, deep, barks. They’ll let their owners know when someone is at the door, and then bond with that person after a few sniffs and a belly rub. These dogs are great listeners and eager to please, so training shouldn’t be difficult—unless of course, they take after their Pug side more. In this case, they’ll be a bit head strong.

Early socialization should decrease their tendency to bark, which is necessary for apartment living. A well-socialized Ori Pei will get along wonderfully with children and other pets as well. Ori Peis love daily walks and trips to the dog park to burn off energy. You’ll also find that they make very good couch potatoes. These dogs are sensitive to extreme weather, so pay attention to the daily weather before taking them outside.

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