Mini Goldendoodle

Height: 16-19 in.

Weight: 18-35 lbs

Color: Solid, Merle, Bi & Tri-color: Black, brown, blue, silver, white, cream, gold, apricot, red, tan, sable

Origin: United States

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, affectionate, social, devoted, alert

Original Use: Service, companionship

The Mini Goldendoodle is a designer crossbreed most popular for its “teddy bear” appearance. Its parents are the Miniature Poodle and the Golden Retriever. This is a multigenerational breed which means the parents can either be two purebreds, two hybrid crossbreeds, or a hybrid and a purebred cross. Like most designer crossbreeds, the goal was to create a hypoallergenic companion. The Goldendoodle was originally bred as a service dog, which the Mini Goldendoodle shares in purpose.

Mini Goldendoodles are caring and protective, they will alert you of any company that comes to the door. With proper socialization early on, their tendency to be aloof with strangers will wane as they are naturally social pups. Their mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle make them both intelligent and eager to please. They are very responsive to training, making them suitable for first time down owners.

The patient and loyal Mini Goldendoodle are also well suited for families with younger children. Being a miniature breed, they don’t require as much exercise as the standard Goldendoodle, but they’re always up for an adventure. In general, 30 minute daily walks and interactive playtime should do. These dogs are prone to separation anxiety, but with proper training their anxiety can be curbed.

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