French Bulldog


Bred in France as a companion dog, the Frenchie is a sweet, affectionate dog that is loyal and alert. While some people get confused between the Frenchie, the English Bulldog, and the Boston Terrier, the Frenchie is easy to distinguish with his large, batlike ears that stand erect. The breed typically stands between 9-14 inches tall at the shoulder and 15-30 pounds in weight and come in a wide variety of both solid and spotted colors.

The French Bulldog is widely popular as is true with many of the bully breeds and has a loyal following of celebrities and regular folks alike. The French Bulldog is widely known and loved for his expressive, grumpy face, but he is also known to be a dog that snores loudly, and passes gas frequently, which for his human admirers only adds to his charm and unique personality. The breed requires little in way of exercise, cannot handle warm climates, and does best in air conditioning in the summer months. The breed is adaptable to both urban and suburban living and doesn’t need a lot of exercise due to their body structure and brachycephalic head structure. A slow, short walk in cool weather, or a short bit of playtime in the house is all that is needed to keep this breed happy. Due to their large heads and wide chests, this breed normally must be bred by the use of artificial insemination and birthed by caesarian section as the puppies are usually too large to fit through the birth canal, making this breed both extremely expensive to breed, and to purchase. Along with the difficulty in breeding and birthing, the body structure of the French Bulldog makes for an expensive pet as they are prone to a host of health issues both prevalent and inherent in the breed. For anyone that is able to look past the shortcomings and willing to take on the responsibility of owning a French Bulldog, you will be rewarded with a sweet dog that is happy to share his life with you. It should be noted that French Bulldogs do love food, so a proper diet is necessary to prevent obesity and to avoid putting undue pressure on his joints, lungs and heart.

The short coat is easy to maintain with regular brushing and the occasional bath and shedding is minimal to moderate. The wrinkles and folds in the skin will require regular cleaning and care to prevent skin infections. The colors are widely varied from solids to spotted dogs of many different colors seen in the breed.

As this is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed, it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate, and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and well being of the dog.


Playful, Lively, Affectionate, Keen, Athletic, Alert, Sociable, Patient, Easygoing, Bright


Mastiff, AKC Non-Sporting


ACA = American Canine Association Inc.
ACR = American Canine Registry
AKC = American Kennel Club
ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
APRI = American Pet Registry, Inc.
CKC = Canadian Kennel Club
CKC = Continental Kennel Club
DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
FCI = Fédération Cynologique Internationale
KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
NAPR = North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
NKC = National Kennel Club
NZKC = New Zealand Kennel Club


Brindle & White
Black Brindle

French Bulldog Pictures

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