Height: 11-16 in.

Weight: 12-24 lbs

Color: Solid, Bi & Tri-color: black, white, brown, tan

Origin: United States

Lifespan: 10-14 years

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, energetic, affectionate, playful

Original Use: Sporting, Companionship

The Cockachon is a designer crossbreed between the Bichon frise and the American Cocker Spaniel. This breed is great for first-time dog owners as they don’t require too much maintenance outside of regular exercise and training. They even make excellent competition dogs.

The Cockachon’s sweet, gentle nature make it a wonderful family dog that gets along well with children of all ages. They’ll easily get along with other dogs, but due to their Spaniel hunting instincts, they may not get along with other, smaller pets. If socialized and introduced properly, however, owning a Cockachon and a cat shouldn’t be a problem.

Despite being low maintenance, the Cockachon does suffer from separation anxiety, and should not be left alone for long periods of time. These energetic dogs require a moderate amount of exercise as well as mentally stimulating challenges daily. Though the Cockachon is highly trainable and eager to please, they’re on the sensitive side and don’t respond well to harsh training methods. It’s also important that you keep their daily training sessions interesting, otherwise they’ll get bored.

Due to its sensitivity, the Cockachon will not hesitate to growl or bite when in pain or afraid. Leash training is also necessary as the Cockachon has a tendency to chase like its Cocker Spaniel parent.

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