Chinese Crested

Height: 11-13 in.

Weight: 5-12 lbs

Color: Solid, Bi & Tri-color: Black, white, cream, chocolate, blue

Origin: Africa

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Liverly, alert, affectionate, intelligent, sweet, playful, happy

Original Use: Rat hunting

The Chinese Crested is a rare toy breed that has two hair types: hairless and powderpuff, which are varieties that can come up in the same litter. It is believed that the Chinese Crested originated in Africa, where they were called African Hairless Terriers. However, there is also evidence that they share origins with the Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Xolo or the Mexican hairless dog. Their current name, Chinese Crested, comes from their use as ratters on Chinese ships.

The Chinese Crested is now bred for companionship, which is an understatement! You’ll find this dog glued to your hip—even sleeping next to you under the covers. They’re highly sociable dogs, and will do well with children. However, if not socialized and trained properly they will bite strangers.

This breed is very needy and suffers from separation anxiety. They will resort to digging and climbing when left alone or to escape confinement. In fact, they’re often referred to as “houdini hounds” as they’re known escape artists and able to climb and jump even high fences. For a dog that requires very little exercise they are quite agile and athletic. They also have an incredible tolerance for high heat, but do not handle the cold well at all.

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