Bichon Frise


Bred in France as a companion dog, the Bichon is in the non-sporting group.Typically between 9-14 inches, and 8-18 pounds with a fluffy coat of white or cream, the Bichon is a great choice for families looking for a happy companion. The Bichon is a hardy breed that typically lives between 12-16 years with minimal health issues in the breed history.

The Bichon is known as a sweet, playful, and loyal dog that is very adaptable. He is sturdy and not fragile like some other small breeds, and above all else, he loves people. Versatile enough to live in an apartment and be litterbox trained or be a hiking buddy during a camping trip, this breed is ready for anything, including obedience training and trick training due to his intelligence and eagerness to learn. With a strong affinity towards children, this breed when properly socialized is ready to play fetch in the yard or have a tea party in the playroom with your kids.

The coat of a Bichon is very soft, thick, luxurious and poufy with loose curls similar to a Poodle, but not as tight, and is considered to be both non-shedding and hypo-allergenic. Professional grooming is recommended with this breed to maintain the coat in good condition. Regular brushing sessions in between beauty parlor visits will help prevent matting.


playful,affectionate, gentle, feisty,cheerful,sensitve


Gun dog & aka-non sporting




Solid White

Bichon Frise Pictures

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