Part of the hound group, the Beagle was bred as a hunting dog and excels in this category but has also become one of the most beloved and popular pets in the United States due to his adorable face and sweet temperament. Originally from England, the Beagle comes in two size catagories, under 13 inches and under 15 inches, and typically weighing between 12-28 pounds.

This breed excels as a companion dog due to his adaptability and sweet disposition. Loved by all of his admirers, the Beagle puppy has a face that few can resist and his popularity reflects it. Like a most hounds the Beagle does have a small stubborn streak and his love of food requires his owners to provide a strict, proper diet to prevent obesity but overall, this is a great breed choice for many families and lifestyles in this size category due to their happy-go-lucky attitude. A fun loving breed, the Beagle loves to play and be with his family during all activities, including snuggling in bed or on the couch.

The short coat of a Beagle is very easy to maintain with regular brushing sessions and the occasional bath to remove any dead fur and shedding is considered to be moderate with no professional grooming needed. The Beagle has many different color combinations and spots and speckles are unique and vary greatly. Like many hounds, the ears of a Beagle require regular cleaning, otherwise, they are easy to care for. Colors include tri-colors, lemon/white, red/white, with or without ticking. This breed is very hardy, typically lives 10-16 years


Even tempered, intelligent, determined, amiable, gentle, excitable


Hound & AKC hound




Lemon & white
White & tan
Orange & white
brown & white
chocolate tri
lilac & white

Beagle Pictures

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