Basset Hound


This breed is as the name describes, part of the hound group. Originating in France but soaring into popularity in Great Britain, the Basset is an old breed that originated in the sixteenth century. Originally bred as a trail hunting dog, the Basset is as unique in appearance as he is in personality. Built to be low to the ground with extremely long ears and lots of extra skin, the Basset doesn’t look to be the great hunter and outdoorsman that he is, but true to his breeding, the Basset is a dog that has the endurance and focus for many sports that involve his keen sense of smell. Typically 35 to 70 pounds in weight, he is built like a truck, strong and able, with a short coat of many different color combinations.

Laid back, sweet, affectionate, with a strong stubborn streak that is especially endearing to his admirers, the Basset is best known for his long ears and baying bark that lets you know immediately that he is excited about something. Properly socialized Bassets love people and tend to be laidback pets, requiring little more than a warm bed and loving family to enjoy their company. The Basset only needs consistent, low impact exercise such as long walks or romps in the park but his short legs make him a poor choice as a jogging or biking buddy. The Basset ears are heavy and require regular cleaning to prevent infections and many owners are known to put the ears up in a type of ponytail to allow air flow into the ear canal, but otherwise, this breed is easy to care for and maintain. True to the hounds, the Basset like many others has a strong affinity towards food so a proper diet to prevent obesity is extremely important.

The coat is short with moderate shedding and very easy to maintain with regular brushing sessions to remove any dead hairs. Colors include tri-color (black, white and tan), lemon/white, red/white. This very hardy breed typically lives 10-14 years.


tenacious, affectionate,devoted, sweet tempered, gentle, friendly


Hound & AKC hound




lemon & white
black & white
red & white
Brown & white
Black & brown

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