Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog ,also referred to as a Cattle Dog, Red Heeler or Blue Heeler, this breed was originally developed as a ranch/farm dog and excelled in his duties. Bred in Australia, this dog is strong, adaptable, and sturdy, and able to handle many environments.

The Cattle dog is compact in size, can have either a natural or bobtail, with an average size of 30-60lbs and standing 17-21 inches at the shoulders.

This muscular breed is tenacious and wickedly intelligent, with plenty of energy to play or work. Extremely devoted to its humans, the Cattle Dog can be as stubborn as they are smart, and makes an excellent watchdog as they are naturally wary of strangers and protective of their home and family.

They are typically good with children but as the name implies, they are “heelers” so they have a propensity towards nipping at the heels of children as they run and play. While they can be good with other pets, they do have a strong prey drive and should be well supervised with smaller animals. Early training and socialization is strongly encouraged to ensure a well balanced dog of good character for companionship in the home. This breed requires steady, consistent exercise of both mind and body to flourish in the home and is not a good breed choice for families with limited time to spend. The Cattle Dog is versatile enough to be a devoted house companion but is an excellent choice for agility, obedience, flyball, as well as many other dog sports. For anyone looking for a devoted, extremely loyal companion that will excel in any fun activity you desire, the Cattle Dog is an excellent choice.

The coat of a Cattle Dog is short, dense and very easy to care for. Shedding is minimal and regular grooming sessions with a good brush will keep its coat in good shape. Colors of this breed are Red Merle and Blue Merle, enjoying a typical lifespan of 10-15 years.




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