Height: 12-17 in.

Weight: 10-30 lbs

Color: Merle: blue, red; Solid, Tri-color: black, white, tan

Origin: United States, Europe

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, intelligent, alert, energetic

Original Use: Companionship

The Aussiepom is a cross between a Australian Shepherd and Pomeranion, making it a fairly new designer breed. Because the breed’s parents have completely different personalities—the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog and the Pomeranian is fiesty and energetic—each Aussiepom will differ in their temperament. Overall, they’re a very loving and loyal breed that make a great companion for the whole family.

The Aussiepom is not only adorable but intelligent. They’re highly trainable and require an ample amount of stimulating exercise that includes challenging tasks daily. Although they’re small fluffy and cuddly dogs, they should be treated like bigger dogs often to discourage “small dog syndrome”, i.e., common little dog aggressive behavior. Due to their high energy levels and small size, they should be monitored around small children.

The Aussiepom does not like to be left alone and may become territorial and protective of their owners. To avoid a high-strung personality, it’s crucial that Aussiepoms are socialized well with other dogs and humans early on. They are inquisitive and alert by nature, making them terrific watch dogs—although not very good guard dogs due to their small stature!

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