American Eskimo Dog


This breed is in the non-sporting group and was bred as a companion dog. The breed comes in 3 sizes but are all the same breed:

The Toy size which is under 12 inches,
The Mini size which is 12-15 inches,
The Standard size which is over 15 inches.

Eskimos typically weigh between 10-40 pounds depending upon size and bone structure. The Eskimo, sometimes referred to as a Spitz, is a northern breed with a fluffy coat in either snow white or biscuit cream. They have a curly tail with a slight lion mane.

This breed is alert, playful, and a good watchdog. They are typically good with children and other animals, intelligent, easy to train and great at learning tricks due to their eager to please attitude.American Eskimos are fast learners and respond well to positive training methods, are very agile, quick on their feet and love to be with their humans as much as possible. The breed is best known to be silly and a comical companion with just a slight stubborn streak to make life interesting! The breed is well known as circus dogs that can easily master any tricks taught to them and offer speed, agility and beauty. This breed is an excellent choice for any home as they do well in apartments or large homes with a yard because they don’t need a lot of space, single owners or large families. It should be noted however that they do like to use their voices so that should be kept in mind if you have close neighbors! The Eskimo is a very versatile breed that excels in many sports and activities.

The Eskimo has a double coat, and while they do shed, no professional grooming is required as the coat stays natural and easy to maintain with regular brushing sessions.The Eskimo is a hardy breed that typically lives 10-15 years. The American Eskimo is in the Non- Sporting group.


intelligent,reserved, protective, alert,friendly


Northern & non-sporting





American Eskimo Dog Pictures

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